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P-EAR-S Buyback – resell your Universal IEM

With P-EAR-S Buyback, you can easily resell your Universal IEM and receive the equivalent discount on the purchase of a custom-made IEM.

Your benefits

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Resell your Universal IEM for free and easily in just a few clicks.

Get the right price for your IEM

We will take care of refurbishing it and you participate actively in the circular economy

Your discount will be instantly deducted from your new custom IEM order

How to proceed

  1. Calculate the value: get an estimate for your Universal IEM in one click.
  2. Send us your Universal IEM: we take care of the shipping costs of your Universal IEM.
  3. Get a final binding offer : be notified with the final confirmation of the estimate or a counter offer
  4. Instant discount : Your discount will be deducted from your new custom IEM order