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Your ears are important and it’s necessary to protect them well.
The volume during a rehearsal or a gig may easily achieve 100dB and thus could definitely damage your hearing.
In-ear monitors will protect you by reducing the ambient volume ; you will be less tired and more focus on your performance.

«I have severe hearing damage. It‘s manifested itself as tinnitus, ringing in the ears at frequencies that I play guitar. It hurts, it‘s painful, and it‘s frustrating»

Pete Townsend «The Who»

Since I wear my P-EAR-S IEM, I have no more tinnitus after the stage performance! Amazing.

P-EAR-S artist

An exceeded exposure in a very loud environment with any protection, could have irrevesible impact on you hearing and on the health in general.

Did you know that, for every +3 dB (SPL) the exposure time is divided by 2.

Please refer to the table below in line with the European directives setting a maximum sound level of 85dB SPL over a period of 8 hours. See the impact on the exposure time according the sound level without any protection

Decibal Scale

Calculate your own Maximum Time Exposure

This calculator will display the Maximum Time Exposure (with or without IEM) base on your estimated Sound Level (SPL) and the European directives recommanded 85dB. To determine your Sound Level you can use a smartphone APP, enter the measured value on the specific field and clic on “CALCULATE”.

What are the benefits to wear IEM on my safety?

Your hearing is very important as musician and the damages could be irreversible. The internal ear is an organe very sensitive can’t be regenerate or in some case cared.

Thanks to your IEM and is isolation performance, every notes of your band comes directly in your ear with a lower volume level. No needs anymore to over pass the general sound level equal if is in your practice room or on stage (wedge, sound system).

Our IEM provide you an environment protection of -26dB, which means you could able to perform for 8 hours in a global sound level of +111dB (SPL).

Do I will lost my link with the audience?

Protected but not isolated. Thanks to a good combination within your IEM and your sound engineer, you will hear the best balanced sound on stage and with some ambient microphones you will stay connected with the emotions of the audience.

Your stage performance will have a total new dimension in safe conditions.


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