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SWISS MADE – We promote the Swiss quality and the proximity service. Each P·EAR·S in-ear monitors is handcrafted in our factory in Ins (BE), Switzerland. Even for accessories, we have decided to work only with Swiss companies. Personalized wood carrying case, pouch and cloth in microfiber as well as stickers are 100% Swiss made.


SH Series

The SH series was created to combine high performance and competitive pricing. This serie is made to fulfill all the needs of musicians on stage as well as skilled and demanding sound engineers and audiophiles.

Discover our SH series products


r e v i e w s

“Are you searching for a sound that is exactly like your studio monitors in a custom in ear? Look no further, this is one of your answers in this industry.”

“The PEARS SH-3 is a highly recommended iem and it delivers with a strong showing”

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