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Conditions of the Buyback offer

1. Selling a Universal IEM via the buyback P-EAR-S

P-EAR-S Sàrl, hereafter referred to as “P-EAR-S”, offers to buy back your Universal IEM as described in the buyback P-EAR-S Page. Your old Universal IEM will be resold as a second-hand Universal IEM on the web shop in a dedicated “Refurbished” category or will be recycled according to the environmental regulation for electronic devices. To take advantage of this offer, all conditions set out below must be met.

Any customer wishing to sell its Universal IEM to P-EAR-S through the buyback P-EAR-S Page must accept these conditions unreservedly and unconditionally.

2. Which conditions must be met to sell your Universal IEM through P-EAR-S Buyback Page?
> You declare that you are the sole and unconditional owner of the Universal IEM to be sold.
> You declare that you have full legal capacity (legal competence) or, if this is not the case, have the authorization of your legal guardian (parent, guardian) to sell your Universal IEM.
> You confirm that the Universal IEM are in the condition as described in the form on buyback P-EAR-S Page.
> In case you have bought your Universal IEM through a 3rd party payment solution (for instance by invoice or by installment), you are solely responsible to confirm with the payment solution that you can resell your items.
> You declare that you are acting as a natural person and not as or on behalf of a legal entity and/or as a trader (except as a sole trader).
> You declare to the best of your knowledge that the Universal IEM is not stolen or counterfeit. If it turns out to be true, you won’t receive any payment for the Universal IEM, and those will be handed over to the competent law enforcement authorities.

3. Determining the Universal IEM price with P-EAR-S Buyback

> The device value will be estimated via the buyback P-EAR-S Page after you have entered the additional requested information.
> The value calculated constitutes an offer of sale by you to P-EAR-S, on the latter to confirm its acceptance of the offer. P-EAR-S remains bound to this offer until it receives the Universal IEM, which must be sent within a maximum of 14 calendar days.
> Once P-EAR-S has received the Universal IEM and checked it over:
o If the condition of the Universal IEM match with the description provided on declaration on the buyback P-EAR-S Page, the value offered will be used as the discount against the new device. In this case, you will receive a notification by e-mail.
o If the condition of the Universal IEM does not match with the description provided on declaration on the buyback P-EAR-S Page or if the product was not sent within the agreed deadline, P-EAR-S will make you a counteroffer by e-mail. You can accept or reject this by e-mail within a maximum of seven calendar days upon receipt of the counteroffer.
> If you explicitly reject the offer, your Universal IEM will be sent back to you. Please note that the shipping cost will be charged.
> If you accept or fail to respond within seven days, your Universal IEM will be handed over to P-EAR-S under the terms of the counteroffer.

4. Transfer of Universal IEM ownership to P-EAR-S

> The customer transfers ownership of the Universal IEM to P-EAR-S directly, in full, without restriction or incumbrance and irrevocably as soon as you receive notification confirming the value. In case of deviations (counteroffer sent by P-EAR-S by e-mail after receipt of the product), the transfer of ownership becomes effective upon receipt of your acceptance e-mail or after the expiration of the seven days period as explain under 3 above.

5. How does shipping work?

> P-EAR-S will pay the postage for your Universal IEM. You will receive a pre-paid label per E-Mail after the online form on buyback P-EAR-S Page has been submitted to P-EAR-S.
> You can print out the pre-paid label attached to the confirmation e-mail and use it to ship your Universal IEM.
> P-EAR-S shall not be liable for loss of the parcel by Shipping company and will not grant any compensation. All reclamation should be logged with the Shipping company only. P-EAR-S liability starts only upon delivery of the goods

6. Which conditions apply to payment?

> You can sell your Universal IEM to P-EAR-S only against a discount on the purchase of a new Custom-Made IEM. The agreed buyback value will then be deducted directly from the price of the new device. This applies for all payment methods.

7. What personal data do we collect?

P-EAR-S complies with the current Data protection legislation when processing seller data. Your personal data are only used to perform our contractual obligations. According to P-EAR-S privacy policy, your personal details will not be published, sold, or made accessible to third parties.
8. Applicable law

These conditions are governed by Swiss law. Neuchâtel is the place of jurisdiction.

9. Contact

Postal address:
P-EAR-S Sàrl
Chemin des Jardinets 7
CH 2034 Peseux