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690.00 CHF890.00 CHF Excl. VAT

The SH-2 Universal IEMs is our entry level product. They have been designed with a sound signature that fits for most uses. They are pleasant to listen with warm low ends, present mids and detailed highs. They can fit for singers, guitarists, bassists, drummers etc…

Due to a relatively high impedance, the SH-2 provides a decent SPL, but it is not a very loud IEMs

Estimated Build Time: 3-5 weeks

Price is for a pair of IEM

List of finishings available here

No Faceplate = Shell color
  • No faceplateNo faceplate
  • Glitters RedGlitters Red
  • Glitters DarkGlitters Dark
  • Glitters WhiteGlitters White
  • Glitters BlueGlitters Blue
  • Glitters SilverGlitters Silver
  • Glitters GoldGlitters Gold
  • Glitters PinkGlitters Pink
  • Glitters P-EAR-SGlitters P-EAR-S
  • Glitters PurpleGlitters Purple
  • ElmElm
  • Elm BurlElm Burl
  • MacoreMacore
  • WalnutWalnut
  • RosewoodRosewood
  • CherrywoodCherrywood
  • ScottishScottish
  • SwissSwiss
  • Edelweiss blueEdelweiss blue
  • Geometry_1Geometry_1
  • Geometry_2Geometry_2
  • SkullsSkulls
  • LaceLace
  • Music NotesMusic Notes
Colored faceplate
  • White opaqueWhite opaque
  • Black opaqueBlack opaque
  • Red opaqueRed opaque
  • Yellow opaqueYellow opaque
  • Green opaqueGreen opaque
  • Blue opaqueBlue opaque

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Aluminium Carrying Case Studio

50.00 CHF Excl. VAT
Black anodized aluminium case for protecting your in-ear monitors.  
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Personalized Pouch in Microfiber

20.00 CHF Excl. VAT
Carrying your in-ear monitors everywhere with this special pouch in microfiber.
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Cleaning Set

10.00 CHF Excl. VAT
Keep your in-ear monitors in top condition with our easy-to-use tool and our personalized cloth in microfiber.
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SH-2 Sound signature

Sound signature

  • Ovrerall sound: Warm, sounds like a good bookshelf speaker
  • Lows: Warm
  • Mid: Present, but not forwarded
  • Highs: Natural with a good extension


  • Singer
  • Guitarist
  • Bassist
  • Drummer
  • Studio
  • HiFi

Internal Speaker Configuration

  • Dual Driver single mid-low/single high
  • 1 passive crossover

Frequency Response

  • 10Hz – 17kHz

Input Sensitivity

  • 113dB @ 1kHz, 1mW


  • 56 Ohms

Noise Isolation

  • -26dB of ambient stage noise


  • 30 day fit guarantee
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty

“Are you searching for a sound that is exactly like your studio monitors in a custom in ear? Look no further, this is one of your answers in this industry.”

“The PEARS SH-3 is a highly recommended iem and it delivers with a strong showing”