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Dear P-EAR-S users read this important information carefully.

To avoid any frustration regarding the ear impressions rejection, please make your audiologist aware of the following recommandations:

A perfect ear impression is essential to get the best final product. Therefore would like to make you sensitive how its important that you ensure the good understanding of the audiologist about the needs in term of quality requirements and the negative impact of a rejected ear impression taking (new appoinment, delay, frustration, …).

We could resume our needs in few major points well resumed in the below multilanguage guides:

  • Smooth and homogeneous surface (no folds, missing material, hole, …)
  • Canal length should till the beginning of the 2nd bend
  • Full ear print included the helix
  • Extra material for the complet external ear is important for the placement of some critical part (cable connector), please ensure to include the Tragus and the origin of the helix

You have a doubt? Then do it again. We reserve the right to refuse any ear impression that doesn’t meet our standard of quality.

The Direct 3D in-ear scanning (scan file comes from a direct 3D scanning in the ear) are discarded due the poor accuracy of the output files.

Please follow the recommendations described on our guide